Episode 2: A Question of Sour Friends and Secrets In the South

Welcome back to We’re All Just Pretending! A podcast that answers your questions and reveals your secrets!

A few housekeeping items to get out of the way:

Charlie’s Corner will return in a few weeks. She busy loving on her newborn, Beck. Trust me, he’s adorable. This means you still have time to get some questions in for her to answer about family, long term relationships and motherhood.

We have our first LGBTQI question and I am not equipped to answer the question, so I asked my great friend Eileen 1/2 of the Misconduct Podcast to join me for my segment.



Segments Featured:
Lanie’s Take w/ special guest: Eileen from Misconduct. A True Crime Podcast

Bad Advice w/ Haley

Secrets read by: 

Hannah – Film Roast Podcast

Bek – The Minds of Madness Podcast

Colin- Guilty: A True Crime Podcast

Kat – But, Why Tho? Podcast

Josh – Our Americana, Playlist, & The Karen & Ellen Letters

Sarah – The Salty Canadian Podcast

TJ – Host of Pints and Puzzles

Nino- The best BIG BROTHER in the entire world!

Link to the Journal:  3 Year Q&A Journal for Couples:

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