Episode 3: A Question of Fantasies and Secret Belly Buttons

Welcome back to We’re All Just Pretending a podcast that answers your questions and reveals your secrets. I’m your host Lanie.

Here at WAJP we’ve been throwing around the idea of having a therapist come on and talk about a mental health topic. It can be a topic of their or the audience choosing. If you’re interested in this segment, let me know by heading to the Facebook Discussion Group.

Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional. I simply want to offer my advice and suggestions as a friend. What makes me qualified? I’m a really great friend! If I feel there may be a mental health concern, I will always recommend a contact for assistance: i.e. Suicide prevention, domestic violence assistance those types of things. Now that we have that covered – let’s start pretending!

Charlie’s Book Recommendations:

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen

Parent Effectiveness Training


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