Episode 4: A Question of a In-Laws and Secrets about Boogers

Welcome back to We’re All Just Pretending a podcast that answers your questions and reveals your secrets.

We added a new segment that will make appearances here and there. It’s called Drunk Advice with Josh. Josh Hallmark is a huge force in Podcasting – you may have heard of his shows are Our Americana, The Karen & Ellen Letters, and Playlist. He will tell you more about him and his shows during his segment. Welcome Josh to the WAJP family.

Now for the disclaimer –

We are not a mental health professionals. We simply want to offer our advice and suggestions as  friends. If we feel there may be a mental health concern, we will always recommend a contact for assistance.


Special thanks go to Issa and Shemeika from the Young, Free and Coupled Podcast, Chris from the Mad Scientist Podcast, TJ from the Pints and Puzzles Podcast, Steven from the Is This Adulting? Podcast, Marissa Host of the Vanished Podcast, My mom and CK Host of the Mirths and Monsters Podcast

The Young, Free & Coupled Podcast: https://t.co/EpqQMQ1Edj

The Mad Scientist Podcast: https://t.co/6wsAFNHS37

The Pints and Puzzles Podcast: https://t.co/cep1551nHX

The Is This Adulting? Podcast : https://t.co/q6huJGwtK6

The Vanished Podcast: https://t.co/850NE8GxlO

The Mirths and Monsters Podcast: https://t.co/O8GI4MCrPZ

Be sure to Check out their shows & the shows of our segment hosts: Charlie who is 1/2 of In Sight Podcast, Haley who hosts Murder Road Trip Podcast, and Josh who hosts Our Americana, Playlist and The Karen & Ellen Letters

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