Please submit your question that you would like answered. I am not a professional, this is purely my own opinion. I will offer you honest, straightforward and compassionate advice.

You have the option to select whose segment you would like to answer your question. Below is a description of what you can expect:

Lanie’s Take: I will answer your question and give you honest straightforward advice. I will take your advice seriously and will always be compassionate and understanding. However,  I will offer you tough love if you need it. I’m not a professional, I’m just a friend.

Charlie’s Corner: Charlie focuses on parenting advice, long term relationships and motherhood.  She has adult children as well as a newborn; so she has faced it all.  Give her an opportunity to answer your question and I promise that you will receive an answer that is well researched or spoken from experience.

Bad Advice with Haley:  Sometimes people just want to hear some really bad advice. They just want to get the question out there, get some B.S. response and that’s it. Haley is your girl! She will literally give you the worst advice.

Drunk Advice with Josh: You know that friend who gets really sloshed and gives you advice? Sometimes good and sometimes so-so….well, this is the segment for you. Josh will get drunk and answer your questions.