Episode 1: A Question of Longevity and Secrets About Deathly Wishes

Welcome to the Inaugural episode of We’re All Just Pretending a podcast that brings you a bit of Dear Abby with a twist of Post Secret.

Here is how it works: We have three separate advice segments: Charlie’s Corner, Bad Advice with Haley and Lanie’s Take. Then we move on to the segment called Skeletons in Your Closet – this is the part of the show where listener secrets are revealed. Some of the secrets are funny, weird and sad – it can’t be predicted.

This episode you’ll hear from a woman who is questioning the value and longevity of her long term relationship; Charlie helps her out.

Listeners ask Haley for some terrible advice about time travel and one woman wonders how much love she has in her heart for her husband and his needs.

A mother asks Lanie about her daughters sporadic relationship with her ex-boyfriend, and a not so lonely man wonders about companionship.


Secrets are revealed from being secretly bad to wondering about the sexual proclivities of strangers.

Suicide Prevention Hotline: Call 1-800-273-8255 (24 hours).

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Thank you Lisa from the Crime & Precedents Podcast for giving me the name of this show. I love you and you’re awesome!!

Music for the show was provided by: We Talk of Dreams who created custom music, just for us.

Thank you to my podfriends who volunteered their lovely voices for the secrets:

Jillian – Court Junkie Podcast

Cambo – True Crime Island Podcast

Tawny – Dirty Bits Podcast

Kristi – Canadian True Crime

Tyler – The Minds of Madness Podcast

Ali – In Sight Podcast

Steven – Is This Adulting? Podcast

Jessica – Kiwi Crimes

Colleen & Eileen – Misconduct. A True Crime Podcast


We’re All Just Pretending – Trailer


Hey guys it’s Lanie host of the new podcast We’re All Just Pretending. It’s a podcast that has elements of Dear Abby with a twist of Post Secret. Every episode, I will read listener questions and provide advice and insight, as a friend. My own pod friends will even join in and offer their advice on parenting, relationships, and even give you really bad advice [on purpose]!  We all have secrets to share. There will  be a segment focusing on letting the skeletons out of your closet.

If you’re looking for advice or wanna share a secret head to allpretendingpod.com

and remember, we’re all pretending here.


twitter: @allpretendpod

Debut: 9/14/17